Chiropractic Testimonials

“The staff at Optimum Chiropractic - Urbandale are fast, knowledgeable, and caring - not to mention they are funny too! Not a time I’ve been that the office isn’t full of smiles - Dr. Derek thoroughly explained the reasoning & methods behind everything & made sure I understood everything before we moved forward - Highly Recommend!!”

- Jackson B.

“The experience is wonderful recently moved from Florida and had a long-term sports injury they took care of it immediately the staff is super professional and dr Salgado is an awesome guy very knowledgeable and takes his time explaining what’s going on and put me on the right path to recovery HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

- David M.

“Dr. Poe has made my first two visits great! He definitely knows what he is talking about and I have no doubt he will get me back to feeling great.

I'm glad they had a rep come to the Anytime Fitness in Waukee as I was in need of a chiropractor in the metro area. 10/10 would recommend”

- D-von R.

“Staff is super friendly and really easy to work with! They accommodate every need and answer questions! I always look forward to coming here. The care that they offer is amazing they walk you through every step in the treatment.”

- Mersed M.

“They stand by their word they take an x-ray before they do anything else and my chiropractor told me that I was broken but also that I was fixable. After the first two times I was going in there i’m starting to feel better I am scheduled twice a week for four weeks so hopefully my back and my neck will go back to normal. I strongly recommend these guys I have been through several chiropractors in the past years and none of them stood by their word they said they would take x-rays before they do anything but they never dead these guys stood by their word”

- Brianna C.

“I recently ended up pinching a nerve in my back and I wasn't sure how; it was to the point I couldn't even do simple tasks like tie my own shoe.

I went into Optimum Chiropractic as it was closest to where I live; when I went in they gave me a complimentary X-Ray and ended up deducing that my spine was completely out of line and it was crushing a nerve ending.

They scheduled me for several appointments to get me back in shape, and each time I was fortunate enough (by choice) to experience a session with each of the doctors there, and even some from their second location; so I can say with confidence and experience that each doctor there has incredible "bed-side manners", great listening skills as well as a great deal of Chiroptactics.

Several sessions later, I can happily say that I can now tie my own shoe. And I go back regularly so I don't end up with a torqued spine again.

10/10 would recommend!”

- Kyle N.